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  • July 11, 2019

amp Feature in Forbes – The World’s Best Sonic Brands

amp Feature in Forbes – The World’s Best Sonic Brands

amp Feature in Forbes – The World’s Best Sonic Brands 816 520 amp

The World’s Best Sonic Brands


Instead of creating unique sounds that fit the identity of the brand, many of today’s brands go for the licensing of currently popular music.

This approach results in being associated with the culture, instead of being the driving force of it. In his latest Interview for Forbes, amp’s Global CEO Michele Arnese spoke with Paul Armstrong about this issue and also discussed the Best Audio Brands Rankings.










  “The future is about authenticity and committing to a unique and owned sonic identity.”

_Michele Arnese , amp’s CEO & Founder

In short: our ranking revealed that many of the most recognizable brands in the world still have some betterment to do before they can be considered to have an efficient audio brand strategy.

McDonald’s and Disney were ranked as top performers in the Best Audio Brand Ranking, both achieving a score of 51/100 points available. Intel, Apple and Coca-Cola also scored well and made it into the top five audio brands, whilst the likes of Shell, Netflix, Nescafe, Google and Amazon made the top ten.

Out of the 100 brands covered in the 2019 ranking, only 22% were found to be using the sound effectively. Even among the top performing audio brands there is significant scope for improvement.

Brands should create reusable sonic assets that drive recognition at all touch points without neglecting the customer experience. Once the brand has defined how it should sound and has created a sound DNA, the development of specific sound elements, such as sound logo or unique soundscapes, can be planned according to the budget, time frame and most importantly according to the touch points. There are different approaches, depending on how big the brand is, but we could say that for smaller businesses the best possibility is a direct vertical approach, which has the highest reach and impact, while the bigger brands should aim to create a sonic ecosystem that incorporates all aspects of sonic identity and can be used crossfuntionally.

If you want to read Forbes coverage in full, please click here.

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