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Five Minutes with Uli Reese – Transform Magazine 1024 683 amp

Five Minutes with Uli Reese – Transform Magazine

Five minutes with. . . Uli Reese


Uli Reese, one of the world’s foremost experts on audio brand management and global CMO at amp sound branding talked to Transform Magazine about all the ins and outs of audio branding, from how a company can improve its audio brand to the process that goes on behind creating the perfect sonic brand experience.











As we move away from screens and lineartelevision viewing and interactive voice technologies become a bigger part of our everyday lives, brand visual identities get less attention from consumers. To establish brand recognition, it is therefore more important than ever for brands to think about how they sound.

For example, our approach at amp is similar to a standard design process. We start off with a brand analysis followed by a sound workshop. We use the workshop results to prepare a creative briefing. Based on that, we develop, evaluate and refine several creative routes for the brand’s sound DNA. The output of these routes is the final sound DNA of the brand – a creative of an entire audio language based on the brand’s essence, values, promise and personality.




“The power of sound in communication goes beyond its critical role as tool in a world with less visual real estate. It also has the potential to enhance experiences and connect with our feelings and ideas in ways that evoke authentic emotion and trust in the brand itself.”

Uli Reese
Global CMO at amp


The golden age of audio has opened new ways of communicating.

Read the full interview at Transform Magazine to find out more about sound, and how and if brands are taking advantage of it for consistent brand experience across a multitude of touchpoints.


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Cyanite Talks #1 with Karolina Namyslowski, Senior Creative at amp 800 499 amp

Cyanite Talks #1 with Karolina Namyslowski, Senior Creative at amp

Cyanite Talks #1
with Karolina Namyslowski


Sound and music are the universal languages in the world.

Especially the increasing popularity of audio through music streaming, podcasts and Co. makes the creation of a sound identity an essential component of brands personality.

“If” a brand uses audio in the right way, it is 96% more likely to be remembered and build a lasting relationship with its customers. The “If” exists because it’s one of the biggest challenges for a brand to find its sound.









That’s why the team at sat down with amp’s Senior Creative and Team Lead, Karolina Namyslowski, to find out more about the challenges when finding the right music for a customer, how subjective music is, and especially if and how the use of AI benefits her work as a creative.

“Our greatest challenge and mission is to settle on a common language (with our clients) and define parameters to better understand, discuss and evaluate music”

Karolina Namyslowski, Senior Creative & Team Lead at amp

An excerpt from the interview:

When music is used in a commercial, but also when algorithm-based music recommendations come in to play, the emotional effect of music becomes is more or less generalised. How subjective is music really and how do you measure the emotional effect of a song?

I agree! Music can create a deeply emotional and personal experience.

But there are parameters that can influence or steer the experience in specific directions. Let’s take a basic example:

We have a song with a dragging tempo and melancholy vocals. If we were to show the song to 100 people and survey them, only a fraction would consider the song driving, bright and uplifting. Of course there are unpredictable and personal factors, such as an individual’s past experience or past relationship with the song. However, the overwhelming consensus will always be that the song is “introverted” and “melancholic”.

We trust the expert-team at amp to track and define this relationship between musical parameters and their effect on the emotional listening experience. But we also regularly rely on market research (implicit, explicit and emotion-based) for our projects. An important element of our evaluation process is the AI-Testing Tool Veritonic. We use it to quickly and regularly test Sonic Assets along a set of standard attributes and give us an indication of Brand Fit, Uniqueness and Recall.

We don’t, however, use market research and AI tools as a replacement for creativity. All it does, is help us and our clients verify observations and decisions.

Continue reading here.


“I think the key to knowing or being familiar with a large musical repertoire is not shying away from certain genres or styles or artists”

Karolina Namyslowski
Senior Creative & Team Lead at amp

Find out more about her creative role at amp, her views towards new AI music tools, such as Cyanite, a mood-based song analysis tool, and how and if there is a place for AI in the world of Sonic Branding.

Karo’s full interview is available at

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