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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle
CEO The Linde Group
to amp, April 2011

„Our sound identity made by amp shall now accompany us on our journey to become the High Performance Organisation we are striving to be. It shall give us a feeling for the pleasure of creating our very own unique profile.”

The Linde Group

Mirjam Pfundt Kempke
Communication Manager Triumph
to amp, October 2014

„amp’s expertise of audio branding is extensive and their key partnership strengthened the brands in understanding human archetypes in their correlation to music. After an extensive global search for the best audio branding company, amp emerged as the winner.“


Judy Christa Cathey
CMO Hilton
to amp,  October 2016

“amp’s expertise of audio branding is extensive and their key partnership strengthened tha brands in understanding human archetypes in their correlation to music.”


Keith Weed
Global CMO Unilever
to amp, January 2020

“The idea of the race to audio branding I can’t imagine every brand isn’t doing that right now.”


David Lubars
Chairman & Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide
to amp, September 2019

“Music is outrageously important. it‘s the most visceral of the art forms. it‘s one hundred percent feel. Great brands communicate through music.“

BBDO Worldwide

David Droga
Founder & Creative Chairman Droga 5
to amp, June 2015

“Music is usually completely undervalued during the process. Too often it’s a secondary thing. But we’re trying to course-correct that.”


Dr. Jens Thiemer
CMP Mercedes-Benz
for amp, February 2016

“Brands should offer multisensory experiences. Part of our toolkit of brand communication and is the most effective and legitimate form of manipulation.”


Alicia Tillman
Global CMO SAP
to amp, January 2020

“I can close my eyes and listen to music from every decade of James Bond films and know that it is a James Bond film.”


Fernando Machado
Global CMO Burgerking
to amp, August 2019

„One thing we have learned in the recent years, is that sound is really critical in creating cravability.“


Alegra O’Hare
Vice President Global Brand Communications Adidas Originals
to amp, May 2017

“Everybody tries to be authentic and unique but they’re savvy, they can tell if something’s fake or if it’s just corporate and polished.”

Adidas Originals

Ellie Norman
Director of Marketing and Communications Formula 1
to amp, September 2019

„We are able to make use of 4d sound, movement, wind, smells. you are able to transfer people to anywhere in the world“

Formula 1

Alexander Schlaubitz
CMO Lufthansa
to amp, April 2018

„If you can create the equivalent of liquid content, the kind of sound that you can adapt to different formats and be contextually relevant.“


Katia Bassi
CMO & CCO Lamborghini
for amp, December 2019

“I believe that music is very much connected to a brand that is close to your heart, and the experiences you had with the brand.”


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