The sound of your brand explained

We are the inventors of the Sonic DNA. 

Sonic DNA /ˈsɒnɪk ˌdiːenˈeɪ/
a code containing all musical and voice-related material which distinguishes a brand’s identity and makes it audible, recognizable and memorable.


The Sonic DNA is the key to a brands audible recognition, recall and flexibility.

The James Bond brand perfectly illustrates the power of a well-established Sonic DNA. It has been more than 60 years since we heard the first James Bond soundtrack, but it still feels just as fresh and identifiable with each new interpretation. Why? Because the franchise has invested heavily in creating its own Sonic DNA which can now easily be adapted to the Zeitgeist of each new movie. By taking this approach, the brand has been able to ensure that every dollar invested in audio, is a dollar invested in building brand equity. As a result, it has been able to successfully communicate James Bond for decades and scale the sonic brand across geographies and time.



A well-established Sonic DNA consists of numerous different ingredients: musical elements such as melodies, riffs, chord progressions and instruments as well as voice.


We believe that a brand has to be translated into its acoustic dimensions before individual touchpoints can be audibly branded. This translation results in a variety of musical and voice-related ingredients which makes a Sonic DNA extremely flexible and ensures consistency and authenticity.

When establishing the Sonic DNA, we start by developing the musical ingredients or in some cases focus on the voice-related elements. This choice depends on the individual needs of each client.



From a Sonic Logo to a Brand Voice to multiple hours of unique brand music, a broad variety of different Sonic Assets derived from the Sonic DNA is key for a holistic Sonic Identity.

Sonic Assets are Audible assets derived from the Sonic DNA, tailored to the needs of a specific touchpoint or consumer experience.

Examples for Sonic Assets include Sonic Logos, Custom Tracks, Interaction Sounds, Voice and many more. Customers will hear those assets wherever they interact and connect with a brand.

However, since each touchpoint has different sound requirements, one Sonic Asset alone will not suffice for all of them. Therefore, we’ve developed an approach that provides us the flexibility to meet those various needs while at the same time ensuring consistency of the Sonic Identity across all touchpoints.

This approach is supported by Sonic Watermarking®. Sonic Watermarking is our method that weaves in elements of a Sonic DNA into a custom piece of musical content.

In this way, each custom track created can support or emphasize specific storytelling (in case of custom tracks) or functions (in case of UX sounds), whilst ensuring clear audible brand recognition.

Our approach of developing Sonic Assets based on Sonic Watermarking ensures that we meet our benchmark: Making your brand heard in under two seconds.



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