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amp @CES 2020: industry analysis – Mediatel 877 625 amp

amp @CES 2020: industry analysis – Mediatel

CES 2020 from audio perspective


As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas closes its doors for another year, industry experts share their key media take-aways. amp's Global CMO, Uli Reese, shared his impressions with Mediatel Newsline, focusing on emerging audio technologies.









"Audio was a big focus at CES this year. Not only did we see the number of voice-enabled consumer touchpoints grow exponentially across multiple sectors, but Sony even launched its first car, designed specifically with the aim of offering consumers a ‘360-degree audio experience ‘."

_Uli Reese, amp's Global CMO

This move is a reminder that sound is becoming an increasingly relied upon tool for brands, particularly when it comes to ‘hands free’ experiences like driving. Sony even has its own pre-prepared catalogue of recorded tracks that will play inside the car via its ’Sony 360 Reality Audio’ function. But as we move closer to a screenless future, the next step for Sony, and indeed for all brands, should be in working out how to make themselves heard in a screenless ecosystem.

Rather than relying on jingles, they should consider developing a comprehensive sound DNA. A piece of music that incorporates their existing brand values and attributes in a meaningful way, can be used across all audio consumer touchpoints, and is also flexible enough to last for decades.

So while developments at CES this year highlighted that the education gap around audio is narrowing, there is still work to do if brands want to survive the next wave in the audio revolution.

You can read the full article here.

amp Feature in Creativepool – How brands can make sure they’re heard in 2020 832 400 amp

amp Feature in Creativepool – How brands can make sure they’re heard in 2020

Open your ears to audio impact


Sound has the unique ability to break through clutter, evoke emotion and create unique human connections, making it an important asset for brands wanting to extend their reach.











Forecasting the 2020 audio trends, Creativepool published an article covering the significant movements in the sound industry that will be getting a lot of attention. In summary, amp's CEO & Founder, Michele Arnese, speaks about major steps that brands need to consider to be heard.

You can read the full article here.

Immersive audio will find its rhythm – ExchangeWire 768 768 amp

Immersive audio will find its rhythm – ExchangeWire

Predictions 2020: Audio


As the decade draws to a close, ExchangeWire has invited thought leaders from across the industry to share their predictions and insight into what 2020 will hold for the ad tech and martech industries. Under the spotlight today is audio, with the potential impact of voice, brand investment and audience engagement with this emerging medium all under consideration.










In 2020, immersive audio is set to become a greater part of the consumer experience, as new 360° audio capable devices hit the market, including offerings from Amazon (the Echo Studio) , Sony, PlayStation and MacBook to name a few. Disney+, recently wowed audiences by making the Star Wars movies available to stream with Dolby Atmos surround sound audio, and the user response has been hugely positive.

Big brands pour a lot of money into creating the most engaging experiences possible, but too often marketers focus solely on visual elements, failing to acknowledge the power of audio to engage, entertain and build a more human connection.

Importantly, brands have the opportunity to realise the potential of immersive sound to evoke emotions beyond the means of visual communication. 360° audio will soon become the norm on all devices and channels from headphones, Hi-Fi stereos and smart speakers to laptops, theatres and cinemas. And increasing, more brands will begin creating their ‘own’ sound to help build brand recognition and trust in this era of immersive audio.

You can read the full article here.

amp Feature in Design Week – Why sonic branding is more than just the McDonald’s jingle 1024 576 amp

amp Feature in Design Week – Why sonic branding is more than just the McDonald’s jingle

music driven branding is the future


Brands have invested a lot in their visual identities - with excellent results. What comes beyond visual branding is transforming the brand to fits all touchpoints that come with digital development. Connected and screenless devices play a crucial role in it, which is why more and more brands realize the necessity of a holistic audio strategy.









“Asking a sonic branding agency if you just do sonic logos is like asking a visual agency if they only do business cards.”

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & Founder

Design Week covered a great story around sonic branding and featuring industry experts; they tried to unfold the secret behind successful sound branding. Also among the interviewees were amp's CEO & Founder, Michele Arnese, as well as amp's Global CMO, Uli Reese.

You can read their insightful comments in full here. 

News - amp hits the Big Apple
amp hits the big apple 1024 635 amp

amp hits the big apple



“Expanding our team to New York will help us better service our current U.S. client base and address the additional demand generated through our recently announced Best Audio Brands 2019 Study, said Michele Arnese, CEO and Head of Creativity and Strategy, amp.


Munich/NYC. amp, the world’s leading sound branding agency, opens up a New York office, partnering with the U.S. based independent strategy and brand experience design company Collins. As of September 1st, amp opens New York office located at 88 University place 10003 New York, New York.

“We want to thank Brian Collins and his team for giving our amp hub a home in the Big Apple”.

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & Founder

For inquiries please contact Vijay Iyer, amp Head of U.S. at Tel +1 (646) 760-0800‬ or via email. 

amp Feature in Mediatel – Why we’re half-way to a world of audio branding 1024 544 amp

amp Feature in Mediatel – Why we’re half-way to a world of audio branding

Key things brands can do to ensure they're ready for the audio revolution.


Sound has always been a vital part of the brand experience, with numerous academic studies showing that brand engagement is far stronger when audio is treated as an equal and essential aspect of the brand.









"Brands must acknowledge the need for a 360 audio strategy which can stand on its own feet, instead of one that's just "nice to have" in a visual world."

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & Founder

In the latest thought leadership article covered by Mediatel Newsline you can find great insights from amp's CEO & Founder, Michele Arnese regarding a successful sound branding strategy.

Here some brief essentials that you need to consider:

  • Think long term - in order to future proof your brand.
  • Be original - avoid using pop songs for representation.
  • Work with experts - work with a partner that has the expertise required for the next frontier of consumer-brand experience.

You can find the full article here or contact us for more information.

amp Feature in The Daily Telegraph – the big business of corporate sounds 1024 683 amp

amp Feature in The Daily Telegraph – the big business of corporate sounds

Optimistic, catchy and brief: The big business of corporate sounds


Companies are increasingly trying to boost their brand experience and discovered that sound is an effective way of transmitting information implicitly to their customers and projecting personality and identity without explicitly vocalizing it.










"We are always inspired by the James Bond example. When you listen to Shirley Basey or Adele, you can close your eyes and instantly recognize James Bond. That is the power of sound DNA. Their music spans 50 years and are completely different styles, but you associate both with the Bond brand."

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & Founder

The Telegraph published a great thought leadership article covering the development of soundbranding, and opportunities it creates for businesses, in which amp's Founder and CEO, Michele Arnese was featured.

You can read the full article here.

amp Feature in Forbes – The World’s Best Sonic Brands 816 520 amp

amp Feature in Forbes – The World’s Best Sonic Brands

The World's Best Sonic Brands


Instead of creating unique sounds that fit the identity of the brand, many of today’s brands go for the licensing of currently popular music.

This approach results in being associated with the culture, instead of being the driving force of it. In his latest Interview for Forbes, amp’s Global CEO Michele Arnese spoke with Paul Armstrong about this issue and also discussed the Best Audio Brands Rankings.










  “The future is about authenticity and committing to a unique and owned sonic identity.”

_Michele Arnese , amp's CEO & Founder

In short: our ranking revealed that many of the most recognizable brands in the world still have some betterment to do before they can be considered to have an efficient audio brand strategy.

McDonald’s and Disney were ranked as top performers in the Best Audio Brand Ranking, both achieving a score of 51/100 points available. Intel, Apple and Coca-Cola also scored well and made it into the top five audio brands, whilst the likes of Shell, Netflix, Nescafe, Google and Amazon made the top ten.

Out of the 100 brands covered in the 2019 ranking, only 22% were found to be using the sound effectively. Even among the top performing audio brands there is significant scope for improvement.

Brands should create reusable sonic assets that drive recognition at all touch points without neglecting the customer experience. Once the brand has defined how it should sound and has created a sound DNA, the development of specific sound elements, such as sound logo or unique soundscapes, can be planned according to the budget, time frame and most importantly according to the touch points. There are different approaches, depending on how big the brand is, but we could say that for smaller businesses the best possibility is a direct vertical approach, which has the highest reach and impact, while the bigger brands should aim to create a sonic ecosystem that incorporates all aspects of sonic identity and can be used crossfuntionally.

If you want to read Forbes coverage in full, please click here.

amp Feature in Horizont – Brands with best audio identity 683 1024 amp

amp Feature in Horizont – Brands with best audio identity


These Brands have the best audio identity!


As one of the top media brands for current news, German E-Paper Horizont covers wide range of topics from the world of marketing, advertising and media.










In June 2019 Horizont published an article on sound branding, featuring amp. The author discussed the effectiveness of acoustic brand communication and achieving recognition through a combination of different methods and tools. The focus of the article is on amp’s Audio Brand Index, which aims to create an objective and comprehensive system for evaluating sound and music in branding. The ranking analyzes strategy, quality, impact and efficiency of sound.

 “Consumers are increasingly using auditory elements such as voice assistants to communicate or access content. Given this context even brands that have established their visual identities are at risk to loose out when it comes to multi sensory customer experiences. Moving forward, the strongest brands will be defined by how they engage with customers at every touchpoint not just visually but also through sound.”

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & FOUNDER

McDonald’s leads all brands in the rankings with a 51.1 out of a possible 100 points. They were followed closely by Disney with 50.7 points. This score is based on criteria such as trust, recognition and customer loyalty.  

You can read the full article here.

amp Feature in WARC / AdMap – Finding your brands voice in the age of audio 1024 683 amp

amp Feature in WARC / AdMap – Finding your brands voice in the age of audio

Sonic branding: Finding your brand’s voice in the age of audio


When we think of brands, we think of logos, products, advertising and digital services. But the power of brands is also consciously and subconsciously driven by the music and sounds we associate with them. In this regard, sound is a powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal, able to build both an emotional connection with consumers, significantly shape the customer experience, and build brand loyalty, recall and trust over time.










From smart speakers to the Internet of Things, consumer relationships with brands are increasingly shaped by sonic experiences. Consumers can process sonic information much faster than the text equivalent, meaning brand perception is increasingly driven – consciously and subconsciously – by sound and music association.

"Successful branding is, at its heart, all about building a relationship. Just like any other human interaction, a relationship with a brand engages all five senses and relies on consistency to build trust."

_Michele Arnese, amp's CEO & Founder

Sonic branding might just be the next great frontier for all brands (regardless of size) to cross and whilst it’s far from a new concept, the technology seems to have finally caught up to its potential. As this technology improves, brands need to start being savvier about their sonic identities.

If you are interested in finding out more insightful details about sound branding and evolving voice technology, you can find the full article here.

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