Slide The Sound Of

Slide How Sound and Voice create an emotional connection and a perfect conversation in a BMW car

Slide How does the BMW of the future sound in its interaction with the driver? What types of driver-car interactions will shape the future car experience?

amp was selected by BMW's Department of Innovation and Research to investigate these topics.

We supported BMW in 10 research projects involving the Voice User Interface and accompanying UX/UI functional sounds.

Slide Our BMW projects involved the exploration of voice timbres and functional sounds
We have experimented with different future IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant) concepts and their general tone of voice.

We have researched the different impacts of functional sounds in specific situations.

Slide We explored, we evaluated,
we created a unique car interaction experience for the BMW IPA

Slide The sound of BMW IPA
in data
10 projects with focus on BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
8 hours of recording for Voice Casting Dictionary, Voice Editing
30 participants to voice and sounds in-car evaluation
Set of 10 functional sounds used in conversational interfaces

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