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  • April 28, 2020

Top Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking – B&T

Top Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking – B&T

Top Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking – B&T 1024 768 amp

The Best audio brands leaders in 2020 


Introduced in 2019, the Best Audio Brands Ranking is the first of its kind study, measuring how effective brands are in using sound. Building on Interbrand’s highly respected “Best Global Brands Index”, the ranking is designed to identify strong and weak audio performers, determine strategic opportunities, and provide actionable solutions to boost the sonic value and return on investment of brands.









Using a rigorous analytical process, Best Audio Brands quantifies audio brand performance against a range of criteria such as trust, recognition, engagement and efficiency. The analysis details how brands are extending their audio presence beyond a single sonic asset – such as a sonic logo – to adapt to the changing landscape of digital consumer touchpoints where audio enhances brand recognition, engagement and findability. It also calculates audio brand efficiency – the estimated return on investment in sonic assets.

The Best Audio Brands Ranking 2020 reveals a significant difference in the
performance of several leading brands from 2019, with Shell being the only brand
to retain its position in the top five. McDonald’s, Disney, Intel and Coca-Cola
have been superseded by Mastercard, Apple, Google and Amazon in the top spots.

The top five performers in the ranking – Mastercard, Shell, Apple, Google and
Amazon – achieved their places through two distinct strategies. Both Mastercard
and Shell have created and successfully deployed a holistic sonic identity, that is
recognisable and adaptable across all digital and physical consumer touchpoints.

Read more here to find out how and if brands are taking advantage of sound and music for a consistent brand experience across a multitude of touch points.

Listen to a narrated TOP 10 of our Best Audio Brands Report and see if you can recognize all the brands – click here.

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