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  • April 28, 2020

WARC – Lessons from Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking

WARC – Lessons from Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking

WARC – Lessons from Best Audio Brands 2020 Ranking 1024 684 amp

Finding the right notes: Lessons from the top FIve best audio brands


Interactive voice technologies are becoming a bigger part of consumers’ everyday lives. As a result, brand visual identities get less attention. To establish brand recognition, it is therefore more important than ever for brands to think about how they sound.









Sonic branding uses sound strategically to shape brand experiences and communication. Put simply, a sonic identity is the acoustic equivalent of a visual identity, something that all brands invest in, without question.
“Thinking ‘strategically’ involves an integrated and flexible approach to sonic branding. The only way to achieve this is through a truly multifaceted ‘sonic DNA’ that runs and weaves throughout every facet and touchpoint of your brand, instantly recalling your brand to the consumer wherever and whenever they encounter it.”
_Michele Arnese, amp’s CEO & Founder

Essentially, brands have been over-utilising or prioritising the sonic logo; assuming this is synonymous with a sonic identity. We’ve all heard McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ or Intel’s ‘Wave’ countless times. It has a familiarity that promoted memorability in the era of broadcast media. However, this single melody approach falls short of achieving meaningful results in a world dominated by multi-channel media and a vast range of social and service-technology platforms all vying for our attention.

In order to ensure long-term effectiveness, brands must be able to adapt their sonic assets to a variety of touchpoints and use cases along the customer journey, to deliver the most relevant customer experience and increase or sustain customer trust.

Mastercard jumped from its 72nd position to the top spot in the space of a year. It proves not only that brands can successfully adopt a sonic strategy relatively quickly, but also that those that do so are indisputably reaping the benefits that come from one. In every landscape, from bricks and mortar to digital, Mastercard is visible – to both the eyes and ears.

Shell, on the other hand, might not have a strong association with music but it has a sonic identity, containing a memorable melody used in its sonic logo and music tracks. The central melody can be expressed in many styles, from hard-hitting electric guitars to Thai and Turkish adaptions. The resulting sonic strategy is built on a corporate jingle, dressed in different ‘outfits’ depending on need. The key to its second-place position is the consistent use of its sonic identity across all digital channels.

Best Audio Brands 2020 shows that another sonic asset has become increasingly important this year: voice. Apple, Google and Amazon complete the top five due to the strength of their product sound and use of voice.

Read more at WARC.com to find out more about our Best Audio Brands evaluation and more insights on how the top five brands are taking advantage of sound and music for consistent brand experience across a multitude of touchpoints.

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